Thursday, August 17, 2006

Butch Cookbook Needs Your Butchly Recipes

We know you can do more than flip burgers behind the barbecue grill, so come out of the culinary closet and show us your food! Your recipes for it, that is. Lynn Lynch needs you to show what you know:

"For all of you lesbians who have contributed already and have been wondering, the Lee Lynch/ Renee LaChance Butch Cookbook is still alive and well except for one small thing. We need more recipes. So, this is a second call to all you butches who do--or don’t like to cook--to send us up to three of your favorite recipes. Or any of you femmes who know bashful butches-- partners, exes, gay Aunt Maud, or others--and would like to send their recipes, we welcome them.

We want to hear about who you cooked it for, how people liked it, if it’s one of a gazillion or one that only the great butch chef knows, where it came from–any background you can provide. We’re looking for diversity from the fine chefs among us to the kitchen-challenged who think all those wonderful utensils in the kitchen work great only in the garage and elsewhere as some tool or the other.

So to all the butches in the world a big favor: Sit down and e-mail those recipes and stories. Oh, and a short bio, too. And how about any special treat recipes you have for your pets? Please submit by 12/1/06 to

So before we make some lame joke about whether lesbian chefs like to cook or prefer to eat out, submit those recipes! And save us an autographed copy, will ya?