Saturday, November 01, 2008

We Will Not Go Quietly

[Editor's Note: Found this floating around the internet and thought it was worth sharing with you. The author is unknown, but the sentiment's not.]

She is a lover. She is a butch or femme loving Lesbo. She loves breasts, and enjoys cunnilingus, one of the many forbidden ways Lesbian women love each other.

She is your next door neighbor, and the running joke at your work place. She is a Dateline Special you forbid your children to watch.

When you see her and her girlfriend in public, you stare long and hard, exemplifying a demoralizing snare that could ward away the devil.

You are a wimp, a futile, close-minded discriminating person. The sad part is, you bring this garbage to church with you, asking God to diminish her corrupt ways, in order for the world to be "normal." Do not allow yourself to be fooled by your own ignorance and stupidity; things are not always as they may seem.

You poke fun at things you do not understand. You are like a five-year-old child who grosses out at the sight of two heterosexual adults kissing in public. You push her far, and when she is down, you do not look back.

Perhaps you are the only faggot here. You are just a product of society's dictation. You are an annoying gnat to the queer community, trying to dictate the moral rules and regulations concerning love and relationships. You try to tell people who they should be attracted to, how many partners one can or can not have, or what a real woman and man is.

You represent the same puke that mainstream society has been trying to shove down our throats for decades, and now we have a new crop of pompous, self-righteous baboons within our own communities pontificating the same drivel.

Does she scare you? Does she make you nervous? Does your body itch and shiver in passing? Do you break out in a rash? Oh that must be terrible for you.

Perhaps you are so frustrated because she is happy and well adjusted. You are so uncomfortable with her sexual orientation that you cannot possibly imagine why she would not share the same pessimistic appraisal.

She will no longer run and find a corner to tuck away in, trying to avoid you in public.

Spare her the preaching and the manipulation. She is a part of your world, whether you like it or not. The more you condemn her, the more you try to make her feel uncomfortable for breathing the same air as you, the more enthusiastically she will seek out people who are made to feel as uncomfortable as she is.

That is just the first step. She will unite with them, making your personal hate-struggles more difficult, without imposing of course.

The little oppressors walk among us blatantly. But there is a problem, unlike years past, she is no longer afraid. She will fight, scratch and claw for what's hers. You can bet her politics will be in your face. It's not the way she wants it, but it seems as though that is the only way you will have it.

Yes there is a problem, and the problem is yours. She's not going away.

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